Do You Believe In Ghosts?

Do You Believe In Ghosts?

Both adults and children alike wonder about ghosts’ existence. Some believe in them whereas others reject the notion. The people who claim that ghosts exist often cite their own experiences or friend-of-a-friend story as a proof. Yes, these stories have been circulating since ages, and some have even turned into fixtures in present culture. In recent years, the genre has exploded with release of numerous movies that rely on spirits and ghosts to drive the plots. Such growing interest in the genre forces us to think, Do You Believe In Ghosts?


- Double blind testing performed by Harvard trained psychologist Dr. Gary Schwartz on a number of supposed mediums, indicated that there were some who had a mysterious ability to obtain information that could merely be known to the dead. The study was done at the University of Arizona.

- The stories of haunting and ghosts go back thousands of years. They are mentioned in many of the spiritual books. It implies that even the ancients grappled with the concept that the deceased may return to haunt the living.

- One of the most fundamental beliefs of physics is that energy can be neither destroyed nor created, but can just be transformed from one form to another. Going by this, since human consciousness seems to be an expression of electrical energy, it makes sense to say that the basic essence of humans, the consciousness is eternal.

- It is shocking how many individuals claim to have seen a “ghost”. As per some polls, more than 25% of people in the world claim to have been in the presence of a spirit or ghost. What’s more compelling is the fact that a large percentage of these people either didn’t believe in ghosts beforehand or never expected to see them.

- If there is good energy in the world, then definitely we cannot deny the existence of negative energy.


- There is lack of real evidence to justify the existence of ghosts or spirits. And if there is no evidence, there is no truth.

- Ghosts cannot exist as once humans die their souls cannot get trapped anywhere in any dimension.

- Believing in ghosts is just one way to deal with grief. It is hard to lose people you love, and it is even worse to accept the fact. Believing in ghost existence is comforting for some humans.

- Ghosts are a human delusion of people who are afraid to accept the possibility that minds and bodies are not eternal.

- Humans have been dying for over thousands of years and if something in us turned into spirits or ghosts, the world would have been buried in ghosts by now. Moreover, if ghosts exists, then why don’t we claim animals ghosts also exists?


Since many people prefer to believe in the concept that there is life after death, they create ghosts stories. After all, it is the best way to convince that a deceased loved one is fine on the other side. At the same time, it cannot be denied that we humans believe in God and there is no evidence to prove the very existence of God. So, if we believe positive power exists, we have to believe there is negative power present in the world.
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  • RE: Do You Believe In Ghosts? -RVR EEE (11/08/18)
  • the quotation actually given by ALEXANDER MEDIA he want to convey that books are to be part of life not to composed in life
    We can gain a knowledge by reading books not making a part of life
    The words he want to convey that in her own words that a persons charecter can change by reading the books
  • RE: Do You Believe In Ghosts? -Sandesh (09/20/15)
  • I don't believe in ghost because I believe in God. I think there is no such thing like ghost it just a fear that absence of God. If you take example of there is no thing like cold its absence of heat, there is no thing like dark its a absence of Light. As same there is no thing like ghost its a fear of our mind that God not with me at that time so we name as Ghost.
  • RE: Do You Believe In Ghosts? -nahida (09/09/15)
  • Somthing illusion,Some confusion, In the trauma of fear.Then the ghost appears
    Most of the people believ that ghoasts are simply a construction of mind. There ar many chemicals and adrenaline pathways etc in the brain that creats the appearance of ghost or other sounds or anything else. And the sense of great fear is the blueprint of it. There is also another eye beyond the sense of visual perception. Of cs, the mind(mansa) is the third eye of every human. Thats why the ghosts ar revealed in solo vitnessed, in vacant spot, away from broad daylight, most of the time.
    But. Som of the time. There are many evidences that defies this debate. Undeniabl, ther are many supernatural powers in the universe which is still unwhirled nd vague. Many legendary ideas suggest that souls or ghosts are mystik powers distinguished from humans. So, a died man cant leave any trace of his existence. So, these physicl winds ar thos specfic energy which is still to be probed.if we didnt find,sun wd rotate round earth till now...;)
  • RE: Do You Believe In Ghosts? -Deepa Kaushik (09/07/15)
  • Just for the reason that we get many ghost stories to read and movies to viewbon similar platform, doesn't pave pave to the discussion regarding the existence of ghost. Be that the stories and writting part, or the movie making, both fields play with respect to the demand and supply trends.

    What the people are more interested is the market demand, and a good businessman knows how to make money from the market demand. The production of movies or ghost scripts narrates the public affinity towards the supernatural powers. It is a normal tendency that we get more attracted towards the lesser known facts. It is nothing but our enthusiasm to understand the hidden concept and explore the undiscovered truths. This does not give any base for the existence of ghosts.

    We are unable to prove the existence of ghosts so far, but that does not simply imply that there are no supernatural forces. There are immense hidden undiscovered facts in the Universe. Humans have not evolved to the extent to explore everything. There are things that are still beyond the human reach and ability. So, it explains the possibility of existence of ghosts. Though the rituals have many belief that our present generation calls to be orthodox belief, yet people do have proper scientific explanation to the rituials. Similarly there is possibility that the scvripts of ghosts could be true.

    Precisely, we cannot confirm the existence of ghosts or the belief to be a delusion till we arte unablke to have any proper consolidated evidence in this regard.