Doctor career objective and career summary

Doctor career objective and career summary

Career Objective:
Aim to implement my expertise in the field of medicine to cure the sick community and regain the state of health and well-being, along with spreading awareness amongst the masses for the various ways to maintain hygiene and good health, thereby providing name, fame and money to the hospital.

Career Summary:
- M.D. (Med), Gold medalist in MBBS
- 5 years working experience in different parts of India, out of which 1 year experience in rural India.
- Specialized in respiratory disorders.
- Experience of handling around 150 patients within 4 hours.
- Experience of working in charitable dispensaries within Delhi
- Working experience in Tuberculosis centre dealing with highly communicable diseases.
- Certified for being the best medical practitioner from my last hospital.
- Ability to perform and assist major surgical procedures.
- Experience of working in camps many times dealing with huge number of patients.
- Ability to withstand stress and work on extended shifts.
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  • Doctor career objective and career summary -Viraj Desai (06/16/14)

    Looking to secure the role of a Senior Physician in XYZ Hospital. Possess vast experience of working as a general physician in a reputed hospital as well as knowledge of latest treatments, medicines and medical developments.


    • A Masters in Medicine from Maulana Azad College with over 5 years of experience as a General Physician in ERT Hospital
    • Ensured effective management of critical illness and emergencies
    • Received the award “Best Lady Physician” during the tenure
    • Followed ethical medical practice as well as performed routine medical procedures
    • Working as a part of a team comprising of nurses and other healthcare professionals
    • Willingness to accept responsibility as well as work in high pressure environment
    • Ability to work for long hours and dealing with sensitive circumstances sympathetically
    • Guest lecturer at several medical schools teaching organisational and administrative skills in tough environments.