Does a good CFAP score make me eligible for a scholarship?

If I score well in CFAP exam, then will be eligible for any kind of scholarship?

There are various scholarship programmes given to various students. India forensic offers scholarships to the economically backward students who are willing to take up Forensic Accounting as their career. These scholarships are paid every year to the deserving candidate. Basically it’s a scheme which is available only to the members and not open to all. It is decided by the Indian forensic management to choose the deserving candidates for a scholarship. There is procedure that needs to be followed if applying for a scholarship i.e. candidates must fill a scholarship application which includes a short description about you, 1000 words essay justifying as to why you are deserving, recommendation letters from 2 CA/CS/CWA or other professionals who can give a good character certificate, registration number allotted by India forensic management during the time of your admission to the organisation and a fully filled up application form with a mention of the amount of scholarship.
There is a onetime scholarship of Rs. 15,000/-, that any aspiring candidate can avail after following the above procedure and after being selected by the India forensic management. This scholarship can be adjusted against the course application fees. If you are not using the scholarship against the fees then you will have to abide by the terms and conditions of the management.
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  • RE: Does a good CFAP score make me eligible for a scholarship? -ROHINI SATHE (07/29/17)
  • Hello,
    can any candidate who is of backward class caste community and having a good score in CAFP exam, eligible for scholarship?
  • RE: Does a good CFAP score make me eligible for a scholarship? -Himanshu (03/17/14)
  • Yes my friend good score in CFAP exams can enable you to get the scholarship. The scholarships for this year will open on 1/4/2014 and would end up in august. You can check up more details of the scholarship on the website