Domestic animals are man’s best friends

Domestic animals are man’s best friends

Domestic animals have been a part of human life for several centuries now. They include animals that are companions (like dogs, cats, guinea pigs, fish, birds like parrots), or animals that are of benefit to us (like cattle, goats, poultry birds, etc.). No matter what role these animals play in our life, they shower their love and loyalty on us.

Man’s best friends
Animals are extremely intelligent beings, and can understand what we tell them, and communicate back to us in their own way. Whether you live in a farm in a village, and have livestock as your friends, or you live in a city apartment with a parakeet as your pet, domestic animals will find a place in your home and heart. Among the household pets, dogs are the most faithful and loyal animals.

Pets are also among the most trusting and trustworthy creatures. You can trust them to guard your home, produce milk, or eggs, and supply you with a steady income, depending on their role in your house. Unlike human beings, animals do not go on strike! They in turn trust you to feed them, take care of them, and provide them with a secure shelter. They trust you implicitly and without a doubt, which makes them special.

Sometimes, our pets can be very understanding. When we feel sad or depressed, our pets can gauge our mood, and comfort us in their own sweet manner. Dogs especially, are very perceptive. Cattle and other livestock can also detect a low mood.

There are several instances of household pets saving their owners from danger. These heroes have saved their owners from animal attacks, warned them of fires, fought with other bigger animals, or dangerous creatures like snakes, and so on.

Some dogs can even sense heart attacks; and have saved their owners from death by alerting others. Dogs are also used as guide dogs for the blind, and they make the most amazing and loyal guides a blind person could ever ask for.

All animals also have a special quality- they don’t attack someone unless they are threatened. They react only if we disturb their natural habitat, or go out of our way to harm them.


Even though we treat animals as lower beings, and use them for our needs, they shower us with their love and trust. The least we can do for them as our friends is to keep them happy, well-fed, safe, and comfortable. When our animals communicate to us, we should listen and figure out what they are trying to tell us. Truly, without a doubt, domestic animals are man’s best friends!
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