Draft National Tourism Policy: Features

Draft National Tourism Policy: Features

Question - PRASAD and Swadesh Darshan are some of the schemes launched for boosting the tourism sector in the economy. Discuss the main features of the draft National Tourism Policy which has been put forth before the public for review.

• This draft revisits the National Tourism policy 2002

• Several rounds of consultation have been held to obtain inputs for this draft among:
- Overseas Tour Operators
- Stakeholders
- State and UT government
- Tourism experts

The following Action Plan forms part of the draft policy:

• Focus is on job creation and community participation in tourism development

• Tourism to be developed in a manner which is responsible and sustainable

• Comprehensive policy involving linkages with ministries, departments, states/UTs and stakeholders

• Policy focusses on development and positioning of India as a Must Experience and Must Re-visit Tourist Destination

• Policy aims for National Tourism Advisory Board under the Union Tourism Minister and members including Tourism Ministers of States/UTs as well as domain experts

• Setting up of National Tourism Authority with trade and industry representation and interconnected departments/agencies for policy execution by Ministry

• Focus on following key aspects:
- Swachhta
- Surkasha
- Swagat

• Development of core and tourism infrastructure including:
- Air
- Road
- Rail
- Water Way
- Buddhist Circuit
- Prasad
- Swadesh Darshan

• Skill development and technology enabled development across tourism sectors

• Promotion within established source markets and potential markets

• Online programmes for training international tour operators for creating India Specialists

• Active and decisive role for India in multilateral tourism fora through BRIC, SAARC, ASEAN, IBSA and others

Facts and Stats

• Draft policy focuses on developing common packages with SAARC and ASEAN on themes linking nations such as:
- Buddhist Circuit,
- Ramayana Circuit,
- Himalayan Circuit,
- Heritage Circuit

• It will also prepare vision documents and annual market intelligence reports on top source markets forming the basis of industry and government activities

• Policy will also develop a common method for measuring inflow of domestic and international tourists for States and UTs
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