Dream to work in top notch companies like Apple and Microsoft

I am a 12th passed student of software engineering. It is dream to work in Delhi’s top notch companies like Apple and Microsoft. Please let me know which certificate courses have better scope in today’s time and those that would help me in securing a position in these companies. I also want to know which between php or .net has wider scope in the long run. How can I contact my dream companies in Delhi?


Choosing the certificate course for you is your individual choice that has to be made depending on your caliber and interests. Here are some of the best courses that could be of great help in securing your dream job:

- Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer: MCSD
- Microsoft Certified Database Administrator: MCDBA
- Microsoft Certified Application Developer: MCAD
- VMware Certified Professionals: VCP
- Project Management Professional: PMP
- Certified Information Systems Security Professional: CISSP
- Cisco Certified Design Associate: CCDA

Between PHP and .Net, it is very obvious that PHP has an edge over .Net. PHP is open source, which effectively means you can use it and nearly everything that works with it for no cost. While if you get into the .NET community, you're probably going to have to spend some money to get the quality tools you would need. PHP has wider opportunities since it is not a fully object-capable language, with support from thousands of users all over the world, and a development community that gets larger every month.

You will have to see if there are openings in the companies you are looking forward to work with or contact them through their websites in section where there is a “contact us” option or “work with us” section. Good Luck.
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