Duties of a call centre executive.

What will be my basic duty in an organisation as a call centre operator/customer care executive?

The profile of a call centre operator or a customer care executive is considered to be the entry level job profile in all call centres. If you opt for this profile then your general duties will include answering telephone calls (inbound), taking down details of the caller’s query and logging this information on a computer, providing the caller products or services. These duties were for an inbound call centre services. If we talk about outbound call centre services such as tele-marketing, an operator will also need to identify potential customers and make outgoing calls marketing their organisation’s products. It also requires an occasional follow up call by sending letters, faxes or e-mail. You would also be required to deal with the customer complaints. A call centre operator’s duty will depend on the type of the product or service that is provided by the organisation and also the type of clients you are servicing. So, in simple terms your duties depend on the nature and structure of your work and organisation respectively. You can also move on to the financial, technical or the insurance sector, etc.
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