Duties of a construction engineer and job prospects abroad

What are the duties of construction engineer?

Construction engineer manages construction projects which involves the following activities:

o Building of the project
o Preparation of the project
o Scheduling of the project
o Completion of the project
o Budgeting of the project
o Applying of knowledge and learning to build construction methods, finding out the right equipment and material
o Designing it by thinking of all the risk parameters

What are the job opportunities abroad for civil engineers?

Civil engineers can work in government sector as well as private sector industries. They can also work in research institutes or training centers where they can train people on different technologies. Job opportunities for civil engineers are increasing rapidly due to the demand of good and quality civil engineers are increasing. More and more people are finding offers from abroad for internships and jobs. As most of the major construction work happens abroad so companies from outside the country hire people from here and train them on new technologies. Companies in Singapore and UAE pay around Rs. 2 Lac or more for candidates having experience of 2-3 years.
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