Duties of an air hostess

What are the duties of air hostess?

Tasks may vary depending on whether it is a short or long flight and the size of the team. However, the typical work activities include:

• attending a pre-flight briefing
• Crew are also informed of flight details, the schedule and if there are passengers with any special requirements, such as diabetic passengers, passengers in wheelchairs or the number of infants on board;
• pre-flight duties like checking the safety equipment, aircraft cleanliness, seat pockets is up to date and that all meals and stock are on board
• welcoming passengers and directing them to their seats;
• informing passengers of the aircraft safety procedures and ensuring that all hand luggage is securely stored away;
• checking all passenger seat belts
• making announcements on behalf of the pilot and answering passenger questions during the flight;
• serving meals and refreshments to passengers;
• preparing flight report
• Managing emergency situation onboard
• Ensuring the health and safety of the passengers at all time.
• Maintaining Cabin Systems on the aircraft.
• Operating the aircraft equipment and system.
• Providing the medical care and advice.
• Providing the relevant information to the passengers.
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