Duties performed by various officers and staff on ship.

I want to know the duties of a chief engineer, second officer, third officer, fourth engineer and junior engineers.

Chief Engineer is the highest post that one can achieve. To get to that post you have to gain a lot of experience. The duties that are entitled to a chief engineer are of utmost importance as they are the whole sole owners of the ship. Chief Engineer would be in charge of supervision making sure all engines, machinery and all other equipments are properly and safely running. The second engineer takes care of the daily work of the daily work of engine room. The main engine is the responsibility of the third engineer; the fourth engineer is in charge for the generators and the small pumps. Junior engineers are the trainees. The people who join without a license are another category which is termed as engineering cadets. All the marine engineers especially the ones that are below the level of second engineer are employed in the areas of designing, research and consultancy. They have various opportunities in designing and building firms and even in the teaching or training profession. These specified engineers also handle the job of a mechanical or electrical engineering graduate as they are trained in these specialisations too.
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