E - books or Printed books - what's your choice?

E – books or Printed books – what's your choice?


The race is getting tighter as the downloadable music is already set to completely replace the CDs. With this, the next round of battle begins between the e-books and printed books.

With the advent of technology, printed books are getting replaced by the digital or e-books. An e-book is a book in electronic format.

The youth of today prefers e-books over the printed books. But there are people who still love to prefer the traditional style of reading printed books.

Let's take a look at the views of what the people from each side have to say.

E – books

1. Mobility – E-books allow you to bring a whole library with you, wherever you go. With a bigger disk space, it would be easy for you to carry the entire library along with you as you would have it accessible at your fingertip. Backing up your entire library online or on a local system won't require much space.

2. Font adjustment – With an e-book, one can easily change the size of the font. While reading a printed or physical book, when your eyes get strained, you have little choice but to stop reading the book. While reading an e-book, you can keep changing the size of the font and continue reading.

3. Price – E-books are often cheaper in the long run as they do not involve any printing cost. A lot of e-books are available free of cost online.

4. Delivers instantly – E-books are delivered almost instantly. You can purchase, download and start reading them instantly without any wait. You do not have to wait for many days for the arrival of the books in the shops.

5. Convenience – Keeping an e-book consumes only a little space and thus, you can download books of various authors and genres. You can finish the reading and delete the book from your storage. You would not feel guilty as it is just a matter of few bits.

Printed Books

1. Resale value – One can never be able to resell the e-books. Physical books can easily have a resale value. Once the book turns out to be an old one, you can sell it. This is not possible in case of e-books.

2. No devices required – When you travel to a small town or to any place without a mobile phone, it would be impossible for you to download a book. In such cases, physical books can turn out to be your best friends.

3. Tradition – You won't get that comforting smell of the paper while reading e-books. This is possible only in physical or printed books. Most of us, buy printed books just because of its good smell that it possesses initially.

4. Easier to concentrate: Many people find it easier to concentrate while reading print books. Their eyes get strained with the brightness of monitor in e-books.


Both types of books have their own advantages but it is ultimately your decision which one you prefer. Technology friendly people can prefer e-books as it would satisfy their expectations. Whereas, people who are comfortable with the smell of the paper can prefer printed books.
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  • RE: E – books or Printed books – what's your choice? -Shashank Tiwari (06/28/15)
  • As a student , i think and also experience that generally books for higher studies are very costly ...many students think for its soft copy instead of hard copy....but i can say undoubtedly ebooks cant be our friends alike printed books. I haven't ever seen anyone who is fond of reading books , have ebooks eith them ...reason being behind this that there is no feeling of reading and without feeling one cant get fully from book. Generally during reading ebooks we are diverting as thinking about charging problem of device and there is not so much concentration ...
  • RE: E – books or Printed books – what's your choice? -Raghavendra prasad (06/27/15)
  • By reading e books we can save paper. It consumes less space and it is portable. Now everyone is using android mobiles. So we can download books and can read any where. Whereas in small towns without internet it is not possible to download books. But we can read already downloaded books. But in e books we can find the information of very old books which are available in big libraries. Eyes hurts when we read e books because of brightness of the monitor.
  • RE: E – books or Printed books – what's your choice? -Rahul Maheshwari (06/26/15)
  • It is good to have traditional printed books, but with the advancement in technology we can now have infinite number of books, all we have to do is spent a little more, and BAM you got yourself infinite number of books. Also we all know that we can download generally every e-book for free from one site or another so we do not have to worry about, that is the book worth it. As for with e-books, you can just download it and read it. It's that easy with a e-book device.Also e-books are ecofriendly, whereas books are made using trees. So we should start using e-books and save trees!
  • RE: E – books or Printed books – what's your choice? -Deepa Kaushik (06/25/15)
  • India is a developing country and does not have enough of the monetary strengt6h to suffice every child with the e-book equipment. E-book is not everyone's cupof tea in our country. E-books require technological support whieveryone cannot afford and many regions of our country are still unaware and ignorant of the technological advancements.

    Printed books are always far better over the E-books. It is not only cost-effective but also easy to use. Students can get to study by underlining or making notes. These are a few ways that children usually follow to study and learn. Printed books have a long-standing influence and have always proved to be the best.

    On the other hand, E-books have many advantages. We can have a copy of the rich texts available safely. The Printed papers may perish at some point of time, but the E-books will always remain. E-books provide a rich library of books which could help students to consult a lot many authors and their research and update their knowledge.

    Still, for the present status of our country, we can find printed books more economical and user-friendly.