E-cigarettes- in rescue of the smokers

E-cigarettes- in rescue of the smokers

Question:-Write a short note on e-cigarette.

- Lighting a cigarette leads to smoke which produces carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and the tar that is produced during incomplete burning is the major cancer-culprit.

- There is no smoke produced in an electronic cigarette. ENDS, Electronic nicotine delivery systems, of which e-cigarettes are the most common prototype, are battery-powered devices that use electricity to disperse a nicotine containing fluid for inhalation.

- Nicotine being addictive is however not harmless. Since ENDS are not made from tobacco leaves, they have largely escaped regulation system.

- They are better than the nicotine patch or gum helping smokers in quit smoking.

There has been made remarkable progress in tobacco control, but it is seen that the increasing popularity of e-cigarettes threatens to undermine years of hard work. There is an urgent need therefore to act wisely in order to protect public health.
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