e-Kranti National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) - Objectives and Principles

e-Kranti National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) – Objectives and Principles

Question - Digital India has tremendous potential for economic development of India, according to leaders and economic thinkers. Discuss the e-Kranti National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) in this context.

Approach and Key Components of e-Kranti National e-Governance Plan (NeGP)

• This programme has been formulated by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology/DeitY

Objectives of e-Kranti are as follows

- Redefinition of NeGP with outcome oriented, transformational e-Governance initiatives

- To increase the portfolio of services centred on citizens

- Optimal application of ICT

- Rapid replication and integration of eGov applications

- Leveraging emergent/new technologies

- Employing agile implementation models

Principles of e-Kranti are as follows:

- Aim is transformation and not merely translation
- Integrated and not individual services
- Government Process Reengineering/GPR is necessary in every MMP
- ICT infrastructure readily available on demand
- Cloud as a default choice
- Mobile first and fast tracking of approvals
- Mandatory standards and protocols are also stressed
- Localisation of language
- Security as well as electronic data preservation
- National GIS-Geo Spatial Information System

• e-Kranti is completely in line with the Digital India programme

Key components of the management structure includes
• CCEA or Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs for project approval, Monitoring committee on Digital India led by the PM

• Digital advisory group under the chairmanship of Minister of Communications and IT,

• Apex committee chaired by the Cabinet Secretary and

• Expenditure finance committee/EFC/committee on non plan expenditure/CNE

Facts and Stats

• e-Kranti is an important part of Digital India programme

• Vision of e-Kranti is "Transforming e-Governance for Transforming Governance”

• Mission of e-Kranti is transformation across the government for delivering government services
to citizens through integrated and interoperable systems through numerous modes

• Aim is also to provide services in an efficient, transparent and reliable manner at affordable cost

• Key areas of e-Kranti under the Digital India initiative are:
- e-Education
- e-Healthcare
- Farmers
- Financial Inclusion,
- Planning,
- Justice,
- Security and Cybersecurity

• The 31 MMPs implemented as part of DeitY’s functioning provide insights for effectiveness of NeGP and the base for the e-Kranti programme
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