Earning potential in Pet Grooming

What remuneration can I expect as a fresher in Pet Grooming?

It entirely depends on the number of pets you are handling per day and the quality of your work and whether you are working independently or not. There is a dearth of good pet groomers in India. This is the right time to hit the market and establish oneself. As a fresher in a pet salon, you can expect somewhere around 8000-10000 per month. You can also work on commission basis earning up to about 50% of the commission. Maximum salary as an employee can go up to somewhere around 30000 rupees per month. Mobile groomers make somewhere around 15000-18000 per month with the freedom from job constraints. However it is not an expensive business to start with and requires no big capital. Once you have your hands on the techniques and you are familiar with the methodologies, you can start with your own salon. However while going for own salon, one should not ignore the cost incurred on products, groomer, bather, electricity and water. You can start your own business with a capital of as small as 20,000 INR. With a pet salon of your own, you can earn around 1500-1600 per day.

You can also open pet grooming school of your own and can earn somewhere around 7-8 lacs per year.
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