Earning potential of a Fashion Choreographer

What remuneration can I expect as a Fashion Choreographer?

Starting as a Fashion Choreographer is a bit difficult, your work and your words are not taken seriously. The pay is not very attractive in the starting of your career. You can get somewhere around 5000 INR per assignment, working as an assistant to a professional choreographer. Monthly remuneration entirely depends on the number of shows you have choreographed. However as your name gets reputation and fame, you can charge hefty amounts from the designers, stylists and show organizers, after all it is the Fashion Choreographer who is the director of the show. Designers are very keen to hire talented and creative, one who can think out of the box, choreographers for their shows and events because they are aware of the fact that a choreographer is mandatory to make a show successful by making it aesthetically prim and proper. Once you gain popularity, you can be a choreographer for a particular celebrity icon, which can in turn pay you in lacs per assignment.
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