Earning potential of Cost Accountants

Is ICWAI field booming in India? What is the salary package for a cost accountant?

The cost and works accountants (ICWAI) is one of the profession that bloomed when the world of finance was crumbling with recession. The work of an accountant is more than just analysing the actual cost involved in running the firm or in the manufacture of the product. The knowledge and growth of the cost accountant is so in depth that they are highly potent for a company or organisation. In the beginning the CWA as a profession was lagging behind as compared to CA as there was no regulatory support for this profession. But now there is such an increase in the demand that CWA’s are hired in numbers in various different industries and government sectors.
The salary for a cost accountant is not set as it totally depends on the sector or industry you are employed in. Also, experience plays a huge role in deciding the salary of an individual. But, once experienced in this field the salary given is handsome and can match the salary package of a CA.
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