Earning potential of Dairy Technology professionals.

What is the earning potential of professionals working in the field of Dairy Technology?

As there are number of employment opportunities in this sector, the earning differs as per the potential, experience and the employer with whom the candidate is working with. For fresher’s the starting salary range is between Rs. 10000/- to Rs. 15000/-. Those who work on the skilled and semi-skilled positions as technicians or factory workers, the salary packet starts from Rs. 5000/- to Rs.7000/-. With increase in experience and expertise and the professionals who work on the managerial and research official positions, the salary that they fetch can range anywhere between Rs.20000/- to Rs. 40000/-.

What are the sources from where information about career and employment in Dairy Technology can be obtained?

The biggest information source about pursuing education and career in this field and the recent job opening in the Dairy Technology sector is through various career sites on internet. Information about institutions and universities offering courses on this subject can be obtained from Universities Hand Book or Agriculture Hand Book, published by the Association of Indian Universities.

Information through local newspaper and employment newspapers can also be availed. There are many career counseling and recruitment agencies also from where information can be taken.
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