Earning potential of Environmental Scientists and prospective employers.

What kind of salary an environment scientist can expect to earn?

Salary packet of environment science professionals varies according to the experience, qualification, nature of work and organization with which he is working. Fresher’s in this field can start at a salary of Rs. 7000/0 to Rs.10000/- per month. Professionals who have experience and expertise in this field can receive salary in the range of Rs. 20000/- to Rs.40000/-.
For consultants and those who are engaged in providing private services can earn handsome money depending on the project or problem they are handling.

Which are the typical employers for environmental science graduates?

Along with the local authorities and the environment agencies, professionals can apply for jobs in different government departments like forest and environment, pollution control boards, urban planning, water resources and agriculture etc. Professionals can also look for jobs in environmental monitoring organizations and environmental consultancies. There are many charitable trust and NGO’s, who appoint environment scientists for their different projects related to environment conservation and protection.

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