Earning potential of linguists and opportunities in social work

How much salary can I expect as a linguist?

The remuneration depends on the profile a linguist is handling. As a teacher in a school, they can expect somewhere around 30,000-40,000 INR per month. As a professor, a linguist can
get up to 100000 per month starting from 50,000 per month, depending on the pay norms of the university. They pay range is much higher in research fields. According to a study done in
the year 2012 by the research firm BLS, a researcher and a Language Anthropologist can earn up to 45 lacs ($60,230) in a year.

Linguists can also transfer hefty amounts of cheques in his bank account by working independently as a translator, interpreter or in audio transcription, depending on the number of hours he deploy each day in his work.

Can I get into Social work after this course?

- Teaching is the best social work one can do. You can work as a teacher, both for language and other subjects, provided you have sound knowledge in other subjects.

- You can also work as a counsellor in a rehabilitation and trauma centre.

- Working as a medical linguist, especially in war areas in also a nice option to consider.
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