Education in India - Problems and their solutions

Education in India – Problems and their solutions

Throw some light on the problems faced by education system in India. What are your suggestions to solve these problems?


1. Lack of infrastructure
Approximately 95.2 per cent of schools are not yet compliant with the complete set of RTE infrastructure indicators according to survey conducted in 2010.They lacks drinking water facilities, a functional common toilet, and do not have separate toilets for girls.

Number of boards causes non uniformity of curriculum throughout India so maintenance of quality standard is quite difficult.

3. Poor global ranking of institutes
Only 4 universities are featured in first 400 .This is largely because of high faculty-student ratio and lack of research capacity

4. System of education
Education is information based rather than knowledge based. The whole focus is on cramming information rather than understanding it and analyzing it.

5. Gap between education provided and industry required education
Industry faces a problem to find suitable employee as education provided is not suitable for directly working in industry so before that a company is required to spend large amount on providing training for employee.

6. Gender issues
Traditional Indian society suffers from many kind of discrimination so there are many hurdles in education of unprivileged sections of society like women, SC, ST and minority

7. Costly higher education
Very minimal amount of subsidy is provided for higher education so if student seeks to get chances of higher education still he misses out because of lack of economical resources

8. Inadequate government Funding
The demand for financial resources far exceeds the supply. Very small amount is available for innovative programs and ideas.

How to solve these problems?

1. Adoption of technology
Effective use of technological tools in teaching has many benefits. It will solve the many problems of infrastructure, quality

2. Teacher training
Teachers' training remains one of the most chaotic, neglected and deficient sectors of India's vast education system. This needs to be changed as they virtually hold the destiny of the future generations in their hands

3. More government spending
India targeted towards devoting 6% share of the GDP towards the educational sector, the performance has definitely fallen short of expectations. Also funding is needed to be spend on building infrastructure

4. Inclusive education system
Growth in education sector should incorporate all sections of society like rural, urban poor ,woman Backward classes etc.

5. Quality education
Education provided should meet needs of student. e.g. education provided to hearing impaired or slow learners. It should allow them to enhance their skills and get better employment options

6. PPP model
Public-Private sources and to encourage the active participation of the private sector in national development. It is more forcefully advocated when public resources are projected to be inadequate to meet needs.

7. IES
An All India Education Services should be established which will decide the policies of education in consultation with educationalists

8. Education policy
Educational policy need frequent update. It should cover personality development aspect of student It should also imbibe values of culture and social services

What are the problems faced by first generation school goers?
1. Family background and support
Family background is quite different for such children. They might not get same support as other students have and that will have huge psychological impact .Sometimes their famil;y can not fulfill their resources need

2. Different socio-economic opportunities
First generation school-goers might come from poor or lower middle class so less socio-economic opportunities are there for them as compared to other students.

3. Too much pressure on them
First generation school-goers undergo a lot of pressure as their family has a lot of expectations from them.

4. Lack of guidance at home
Nobody is able to solve the problems in their studies at home as other members of family are illiterate. In that case they have to rely largely on guidance at school.

5. Feeling of insecurity
Approach toward them might be different that will cause insecure feeling among them.

What is needed to be done to help them?

1. Change in approach
2. Removing psychological bias towards them
3. Adopting inclusive policy
4. Inclusive attitude
5. Encouragement through scholarships
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  • RE: Education in India - Problems and their solutions -Ravinder Dhandu (03/21/19)
  • Sir /madem,
    My self Ravinder. I have a problem about college admission cancellation after joining 3 months. I got seat in CMR technical campus kandlakoya medchal. After joining college I studied for 3 months only. Then, my leg was fractured, so I did not went to the college. I stopped my studies in middle way. But now I want get back my degree, inter and SSC memos. But college principal was demanding entire 2 years of fee that is 54000/- of reimbursement fee. I can't pay that huge amount. There were not giving my certificates to me. Please help me.
  • RE: Education in India - Problems and their solutions -NagarajaCG (08/24/18)
  • Sir, I studied my Education Degree from RIE, Mysore (NCERT) during 1964-65.The issues and problems of educations system at the grass root level and at higher education remains almost at the same level except we have become experts in producing Approach Papers, Plans Etc., I think we ape too much of other educational practices.
  • RE: Education in India - Problems and their solutions -NagarajaCG (08/24/18)
  • Useful article. I am 80 retired. Gives the current scenario.
  • RE: Education in India - Problems and their solutions -Priti Dhandrut (01/06/18)
  • This is indeed very useful article! Education system's main glitch is ideology. The focus should be on developing students into socially, politically, morally sound individuals and introducing them to vast area of education rather than making them just degree-holders, limiting their capabilities to selected career options. For students to pursue Research, their interest should be built since their school years. Also, government funding and its right usage is required. I believe education is the key towards being a developed country and India should intently focus on improving it highly.
  • RE: Education in India - Problems and their solutions -Ankit Sharma (02/06/17)
  • There were many problems in the Indian education scenario. However, the situation is improving swiftly. There are a number of colleges which have changed the face of management education in India. There is a gradual shift from traditional classroom learning to industry integrated curriculum.