Education is the best weapon to change the world

Education is the best weapon to change the world

What is a weapon? The Oxford dictionary defines it as, “A thing designed or used for inflicting bodily harm or physical damage.” This is a negative connotation for the word weapon. The context in which is the word weapon is used for education is something which builds change, something that can influence society positively, strongly and effectively.

Around the world, governments and businesses face a conundrum: high levels of youth unemployment. How can a country successfully move its young people from education in larger numbers and why? Which interventions work? These are the crucial questions – and the answers are obvious. When a person is literate, he will be equipped to deal with the day to day business dealings of society. The higher the literacy rates, the better choices of employment, and income, status, health care and economic wealth for the family. It is often the best tool to create wealth and happiness. Literacy empowers a person to the extent that little else can and that is the reason it is one of the strongest weapons.

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character that is the goal of true education- Martin Luther King Jr. Literacy is a subset of education. Literacy gives a person skills and education will direct a person to doing right things, enable a sense of discernment, guide consciousness towards progress and give a person inner strength. A man who is truly educated will exhibit strength of character. Often it is only when one is educated that one can withstand the vicissitudes, the ups and downs of life. Education doesn’t just mean getting degrees or going to university. A person could be home schooled, yet be highly educated. The power to reason, the ability to make a correct judgments, the ability to discern, the capacity to be open minded, the capacity to be kind and compassionate to the lesser fortunate ones are all traits of a cultured educated man. It is an ongoing and an evolving process, which each of us who are fortunate to have got at a basic level, should try to constantly be aware of and utilize its learnings in daily life.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that indeed good education is the strongest and most effective weapon to solve many of the problems ranging from family problems to global issues.
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  • RE: Education is the best weapon to change the world -Deepa Kaushik (05/04/14)
  • Education is definitely mightier than any other weapon. It could change the world with peace and serenity. Many issues that could not be sorted out by the power, the war, could be resolved by the power of tongue, the literate words. The literacy percentage of any country could be a proof of it development.

    Education is not just limited to the academic literacy rate, but it is the knowledge of the individual in various fields. From cooking to cleaning, from sports to art, from universe exploration to medical field, every bit of matter that the individual acquires as knowledge is the education.

    Being educated does not imply to be a matter of proud unless that education is productive with regard to the necessities of the surrounding people and society. A literate on paper and degrees could not be called an educated person, unless he knows how to implement the learnt knowledge.

    If the knowledge is implemented in an appropriate way, then definitely world would be the most beautiful place to live in.
  • RE: Education is the best weapon to change the world -Sumangala Varun (04/01/14)
  • Education is the greatest weapon to change the world


    Basic education is the most important gift in a person’s life. Having a good quality education has a huge impact in our life. It is important to note that education does not simply mean mugging notes and reproducing them to get good marks. A good education makes a person think; it inculcates good values in a person, makes a person question things, and makes a person work for the benefit of not just themselves, but for others as well. It should also inculcate the spirit of curiosity in a person, to acquire more knowledge.

    The importance of education

    Educated people are the voice of authority and reason. People always seek the opinion of an educated and experienced person. A robust education also has a bearing in a civilization, in the sense that it raises the standards of the citizens. It instills a sense of discipline, and encourages citizens to abide by the laws. This is not to say that all educated people are responsible and law abiding citizens; it only means that an educated person has more knowledge on the state of the law, and the consequences of any wrongdoing.

    Education or literacy also has a positive bearing on the economies of a country. Studies have shown that countries with a greater level of education witness a higher increase in their per capita income. An increase in per capita income directly results in the increase in the country’s national income. Among families with low income level, education is considered a wasteful expenditure. They prefer to put their children in the workplace as soon as they can, so that the children can contribute to the family income. However, it should be impressed upon these families that education is an investment, not expenditure. The returns will eventually come in the form of better employment, thereby greater income. For these families, education should be stressed upon as something that gives them greater earning potential. Education is also important for people to protect themselves from getting swindled.

    Even from the point of view of the national income, an educated working person contributes more to the economy of a nation than an uneducated worker. A higher education gives an individual more bargaining power.

    Education for women is very important. A woman should know her rights as a citizen. Education is also important for a woman to be independent, and earn a living for herself. A Sanskrit proverb says that if you educate a man, you educate one person, but if you educate a woman, you educate the entire family; the entire neighborhood, and the entire country. Some parents don’t feel the need to educate their daughters, and spend the money on educating their sons instead. This is a wrong approach; it is equally important to educate all children equally.


    Therefore, in order to uplift the poor, improve our country’s economy, and to add to our income, let us vote in favor of education.