Education is the single most important factor in the development of a country.

Education is the single most important factor in the development of a country. Do you agree?

Education is the backbone for the development of any country. The cliché is an all pervasive truth which is increasingly occupying greater importance in our everyday lives. Despite having limited resources, some of the most developed countries of the world have capitalized their manpower optimally by providing quality education.

On the other hand, It is ironical that high GDP growth rates in the world’s largest democracy are still accompanied by over a quarter of the population being uneducated. The India shining endorsement is still not truly achieved as quality education still eludes millions of Indians across the country.

Being the youngest country of the world, it has not been able to utilize its demographic advantage. Although, some improvements have been noticed in the arena of education such as opening up of more private institutions across the country, a lot more needs to be done. There is a great need to set up more and more of vocational courses for a chunk of the population which is not able to pursue a professional course or college. Vocational education can not only aid individuals to find jobs but can also help them in starting something of their own.

Quality education from reputed institutions can take you to places. From getting scholarship to study abroad in world class institutions for kick-starting a promising career, a person with good educational qualifications can go far in a short period of time. But, such institutions like the IIT’s, IIM’s, JNU, Delhi University amongst others are limited and not everyone can get into their dream colleges. Hence, more institutions should provide quality education for filling up the existing gaps.

Women’s education is being increasingly being focused as a top priority. This is because women are efficient managers handling responsibility of both home as well as work. Hence, education of women can help in better management in the family as well as finances.

Education can not only help in making better decisions but can also help an individual to think rationally and logically. In fact, education alone can bridge the large scale disparity between the rich and the poor. India will need to learn from its foreign counterparts on how they have set up institutions of excellence whose importance and reputation have only surged over time. The large paucity of professors and teachers is a sign that major steps need to be taken for taking the current state of education to the next level.
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