Education is what remains after one forgets what one has learnt in school - Group Discussion

For most of us, education is all about how many degrees we have. We don’t concentrate on what we have learned. Education today, is mostly about grades and percentages.


- The education system concentrates on everything rather than concentrating on our specific interest. We can’t possibly remember all of that.

- Education is all about what we learn. In school, even though we learn a lot, we start to mature only much later.

- We forget things when we don’t experience them. Schools, usually give more of a theoretical knowledge.

- Real exposure comes much later. Hence, what we learn is forgotten.


- We cannot separate school and education. What we learn in school is what makes us educated.

- It is not just education that remains or helps us. It is our experience that counts.

- This may not hold true for all schools. If the schools are good and the teachers are well trained, what you learn stays with you forever.

- Education is not just about the subjects we are taught. It also about the morals, discipline etc. that we gain only through school.

- What makes a school good or bad is the teacher. If the teachers are good and understand the student, we can consider ourselves educated.

Education is endless. Not matter how much we learn, it is never enough. Blaming the schools is not the solution. It depends on us, as individuals too. How determined and focused are we to learn?
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