Education should be made free for everyone as is a human right and not a luxury

Education should be made free for everyone as is a human right and not a luxury

Education should be made free for everyone as is a human right and not a luxury.
Evaluate the statement and take a stand.

Higher education is the need of the hour. And in developing countries like India, not everyone can afford it. Also, it is true that it is a human right. But whether education should be free is debatable.

In my opinion, education should not be free. It is a natural human tendency that anything which is made free, declines in its value. Same can be the case with education also. The reason higher education is viewed with so much respect is that there is a lot of effort which goes into acquiring it. If it was free, lot of students would not put their mind and soul into it. And the purpose of education is to inspire one’s mind and not just to fill one’s head. Making it free, would even lower the motivation level of professors and faculties thereby lowering the overall quality of education imparted.

Also, there are chances that the failure percentage may increase in case the education is made free as the students would not have to bear the burden of fees any more.

But imparting free education is definitely a noble thought, though not practically implementable fully.

But there are other ways by which avenues to education can be opened for lot of people. For example, Government can take steps to provide easy education loans. The pre-requisites of loan can be made simpler and the interest rates can be reduced. Steps can be taken to reduce the tuition fees at the school levels. Schools should be encouraged to introduce various and more effective scholarship policies so that the meritorious students can be awarded. Even Government should introduce scholarships at the state and national levels.

Government should take a step further to provide funding to colleges and universities so that they can provide good education with all the necessities to the students. In fact, the education system in India has progressed considerably in the last couple of years. For example, it has been reported that the number of out-of-school children has reduced from 25 million in the year 2003 to 8.1 million the mid-2009.

Hence, it can be concluded by saying that acquiring education should be made easier but not free. And a check should be kept on the quality of education imparted. Strict quality laws made at the Central level should govern schools, colleges and universities.
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  • RE: Education should be made free for everyone as is a human right and not a luxury -Deepak Chari (09/07/14)
  • Primarily, over the last decade the international schools have increased in our city which is a positive insight towards the nation's growth. We undoubtedly prefer to admit our own children in such schools so as to beat the competition when they hit adolescence. Agreed with my complete heart but guys, isn't it a socio-moral responsibility of our government to ensure that all schools teach the same syllabus and the same cultures. Why would a child study in a municipality school and the other would study in an International school. During our times, we as children never distinguished a poor child from the rich one as the uniforms, books, syllabus everything was the same for both the classes but today, with these international schools in spree, the children have started realising the different sections of society which is harmful to our city and In turn our country. Education system should be the same for all until 10th so the immature child doesn't start behaving irrationally with the backward class of people since nursery. I believe, the govt should start implementing the International school' syllabus in all the govt schools too so when they all compete during their college years, they start at the same page and are not forced to fight against each other just because of the Education System. Children are soft and innocent and let's preserve that innocence. DO NOT MAKE THEM FEEL WHAT THEY ARE AND LET THEM LIVE THEIR LIFE. ONCE THEY BECOME LIKE US, THEY WOULD BE SMILING WHILE READING SUCH COMMENTS ONLINE. Let's help every child succeed as the face of life is long and the winning one needs to be shaped to be a WINNER!!!
  • RE: Education should be made free for everyone as is a human right and not a luxury -Teena Bhatia (08/28/14)
  • There is a difference between vision and action. It is easy to dream and expect, but at the same time it take hard efforts, time and resources to make the dream turn into reality. The society, the country and the people, all of them expect education to be free for everyone. However, it is practically not possible.

    Here, it is important to analyze the present conditions of schools who offer free education and free meals in the schools. The schools offering free education are unable to educate the neediest children in the society. Most of the government schools are opened in disadvantaged neighborhoods so that the proportion of students on free meals comes above average. Despite all the benefits, children from the poor background are hesitant coming to school.

    Even the parents want the children to work and earn some extra bucks for family. The present scenario states that though government is trying to make education available for everyone, people are not ready to make it a part of their life. So, in such case, why should government allocate more time, efforts and resources for free education?

    The other major problem existing in every sector is corruption. It doesn’t allow the government’s funds to reach their destination. The funds are misused by the officials for their personal use. So, until and unless, government doesn’t acts against the corrupt officials, the dream of free education cannot be implemented. Also, it needs to keep a check on the schools as they tend to become socially selective with time.

    Last but not the least; government ignores needs of the staff placed in free schools. There is no proper structure of perks and salary. It discourages the teachers and other employees due to which they lose their interest in providing quality education to the students.