Educational qualification for a course in Tea Management

What is the educational eligibility criterion for a course in tea management?

There is no basic requirement as such as anybody who has a basic education background can get into tea industry. The skills that are required on the job can be picked while your stay in the industry itself but still a degree in Agricultural Science or a B.Sc. in Botany, Food Sciences, Horticulture or allied fields is preferred these days. Candidates who have specialised in business management or marketing are recruited for marketing jobs. There are no formal degree courses available in tea tasting as of now but in the last few years there are certificate courses available in tea tasting that aim at imparting training about the scientific knowledge and different techniques of tea tasting.

Freshers in this field are taken on as assistants at the plantation level. After gaining ample amount of experience and competence as an assistant, you can get promoted to the level of
assistant manager, and then manager of a tea garden. Most assistants can expect to become managers in 10-12 years of service if they put in efforts and are dedicated towards their
work. Professional tea tastes selected are trained in the job due to the criticality of the job. Besides natural talents, vigorous training for a number of years is essential before becoming a professional tea taster and then a tea tasting manager. Candidates are required to work on their managerial and marketing capabilities too apart from the acquiring the basic skills in
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