Educational requirement and starting a career in animation

What is animation?

The word animation is derived from a Latin word ‘anima’ which means ‘soul’. It is the perceiving of an action by means of speedily displaying the sequel images which minimally differ from each other. When the static images are displayed rapidly it gives the illusion of motion and this illusion is due to the phi-phenomenon.

Who is animator?

An animator is a professional who does the work of animation. There tasks involved imaging and drawing characters and make them run like being with the help of computer software.

What is education qualification to be an animator?

Although there is no specific qualification required to be an Animator other than drawing/sketching skills. However, a degree or diploma in animation is recommended since higher degree and experience will enable an animator to get a job in good organization.

How to start career in animation?

The best way to start animation career is by getting a diploma or a graduate degree or a short term course in animation field. A bachelor degree in animation is a three course, diploma is 1 year or more whereas short term courses duration varies from 3 to 12 months.
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  • Do students in an animation course play video games?

    This is a mis-concept which many parents have about this industry. The students in an animation course do not play video games. They actually learn designing and programming them. A lot of movies produced these days are animation based. So, the scope in this field is enormous and it is quickly gaining popularity every day.