Electrical Engineers career objective and career summary

Electrical Engineers career objective and career summary

Career Objective:

To utilize my expertise in the field of electrical engineering and implement my innovative ideas and creative mind towards the area of specialization.

Career Summary:

- B.E. Electrical engineering with 7 years working experience.
- Good know how of work from the grass root to managerial level.
- Good command over circuiting and improving the designed products.
- Experience in designing circuits, testing and regular maintenance of the electrical appliances.
- Ability to reconstruct the inbuilt design in order to increase the product efficiency.
- Plenty innovative ideas and implementing the same to enhance the product efficiency
- Experience of handling the vendors, managing the contracts, staff development and management, quality check of the products, purchase and resale of the goods etc.
- Technical experience in creating and preserving the blueprints, and electrical plumbing.
- Effective communication skills, with the clients as well as the customers in case of direct dealing.
- Hard-working and punctual with ability to control the complete team with comfort and ease.
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    Looking to secure the role of an Electrical engineer in TYPL Ltd. The tremendous knowledge coupled with good experience can help in improving a company’s electrical systems.


    • A B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from GHU University with over 5 years of experience as an Electrical Engineer in RTE Ltd
    • Designed and maintained major electrical systems
    • Assisted various other departments including quality, purchasing and production with respect to the queries
    • Implemented a number of projects for saving thousands of dollars for the firm including installation of solar systems
    • Demonstrated leadership qualities by leading quality and training meetings with employees for ensuring product quality
    • Reporting to senior management on various electrical aspects of the system and suggesting possible changes for better quality and cost saving
    • Hard-working, meticulous and ability to multi-task in order to achieve tasks during the day