Electrician career objective and career summary

Electrician career objective and career summary

Career Objective:

To utilize my talent in preserving the condition and repairing the electrical and electronic equipment, checking their wear and tear from time to time & maintain the efficiency of the electrical equipment in the organization without any interruption of the work procedure.

Career Summary:

- Crash course in electrical and electronic repair process.
- 10 years working experience in shops, offices, hospitals, house-hold appliances and other places.
- Experience to get any sort of repair work sorted at least possible time.
- Ability to fix the trouble just by looking at the concerned area once.
- Experience in visualizing the condition of the appliances and electrical fittings for their perfection and wear and tear.
- Good working hand at repairing the circuits in offices and hospitals.
- Good physical stamina accompanied by an ability to work with precision.
- Certified by the previous organization for my punctuality and hard work.
- Acknowledged at almost every organization for enthusiasm at work.
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  • Electrician career objective and career summary -Viraj Desai (06/16/14)

    Looking to advance career through an opportunity in RTE Ltd as a Senior Electrical Technician. Possess vast experience of working in harsh environment as well as deep knowledge of equipments and electrical industry ensuring that the work is done


    • A Certification in Electrictechnology from Maharashtra University with over 3 years of experience as an Electrician in TYR Ltd
    • Response for equipment selection, maintenance and meeting of safety protocols as specified by the company
    • Extensive knowledge of standards of practice as well as electrical codes
    • Physically fit for doing demanding work and willingness to travel
    • Locating, diagnosing and fixing electrical problems
    • Managed new project work, design as well as installations.
    • Maintaining records and preparing reports for administrative work
    • Ability to interpret and read wiring diagrams as well as floor plans
    • Effective problem solving skills as well as flexible to work in any shift