Elephant Census Report 2015: Main Findings

Elephant Census Report 2015: Main Findings

Question: The Elephant Census Report 2015 has recently been released. Examine its main findings.

- The Elephant Census Report 2015 of Odisha was released recently.

- As per this report, in 2015 the elephant population in Odisha rose to 1954 from 1930 in the 2012 census

- There has been an increase of 24 elephants in the population as against 2012 when the previous census was carried out

- Presence of elephants was recorded in 38 forest and wildlife divisions out of 44 where field officials spread out to track the mammoth mammal

- 3 elephant reserves namely Mayurbhanj, Mahanadi and Sambalpur with a total of 1450 elephants accounted for 74.21% of the total elephant population in the state

- These areas are home to 8 sanctuaries

- Close to 402 elephants were found outside elephant reserves and sanctuaries

- 5 other sanctuaries were home to 102 elephants

- The most number of elephants namely 487 were recorded in Similipal Tiger Reserve followed by 234 elephants in Satkosia Tiger Reserve/STR

- 5 other sanctuaries constituted 5.22% of the total elephants while outside elephant reserves and sanctuaries constituted 20.57%

- Proportion of female to male young elephants was 1096:341:490 or 3.2:1:1.4 approximately in 2015

- For 27 elephants in 2015, sex could not be identified as against 46 in the 2012 census

- Compared to 2012, male population rose by greater than 7%, female population by 9 and those of unknown sex recorded lowered by 19 elephants; total population reported increase by 24 elephants in the current census

- STR Core Division recorded the highest number of elephants at 337 followed by Dhenkanal Division, with 164 elephants.

Facts and Stats

- There are three main elephant reserves in Odisha namely:

- Mayurbhanj elephant reserve; This includes Similipal, Rairangpur, Baripada, Balasore Wildlife and Keonjhar Wildlife Divisions.

- Mahanadi elephant reserve: This includes Satkosia Wildlife, Mahanadi Wildlife, Angul, Dhenkanal, Athgarh, Athmallik, Boudh, Nayagarh and Cuttack Divisions.

- Sambalpur elephant reserve; This includes Jharsuguda, Sambalpur, Bamra Willdife, Bonai and Rairakhol Divisions.
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