Eligibility and courses in Criminology

Which are the various interest areas that one can take up while studying criminology as career?

As knowledge of criminology requires the use of sixth sense of a person along with the necessary educational qualification and the required set of skills, the interest area in this field of study are causes and prevention of crime, understanding the criminal behavior, evaluation of criminal justice agencies, Sociology of Law and Crime Statistics.

What is the minimum qualification that must be met to consider criminology as a career?

Basic requirement of getting into the undergraduate course of criminology is clearance of 12th standard with either Arts or Science background. For getting admission into postgraduate course the aspirant has to be a graduate with Science or Arts subjects or can have Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, psychology or sociology.

After entering into criminology, what different courses and diploma and degree I can have?

Various programme options in the field of criminology are certificate and diploma in criminology, Associate of Arts degree in criminology.
A number of institutes in India offer degree and post graduate courses in Criminology, Criminology and correctional management, criminology and forensic science as a combination also.
Aspirants who are already having a degree can opt for one year diploma or two year post graduate diploma courses in Criminology. For law graduates also there are specialized courses in criminology. These programs are available both online and on campus.
These courses focus on areas such as criminal theory, behavioral sciences, social deviance, law, and the justice system, types of crime and the causes and effects of crime.
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  • RE: Eligibility and courses in Criminology -Elaya sooryan.k (04/18/17)
  • I want to study one year criminalogy course but i can't finished my degree so my qualification is HSC only if it is possible?????
  • RE: Eligibility and courses in Criminology -milan m mathew (03/09/17)
  • Sir,I am bcom student.after this I am interested in criminology. If I eligible or not?
  • RE: Eligibility and courses in Criminology -karan shanthi (02/25/17)
  • Hi, My name is Karan
    I am studying in grade 12 in dubai and i have taken my subjects as commerce with math. I came across the subject of criminology in grade 12 and i have over the months developed a passion for the subject. I want to know if its possible for me to change from commerce to psychology.
    I hope that respective sirs/teachers reply as soon as possible

  • RE: Eligibility and courses in Criminology -Shikha Raghuvanshi (05/31/16)
  • Sir, I am commerce graduate, interested in criminology field. kindly help me to get the way towards this field. I am good in instincts. Looking further for your help.
    Thank you
  • RE: Eligibility and courses in Criminology -shekar (07/16/15)
  • sir Iam completed bcom but iam intrested in criminology iam eligible our not