Eligibility criteria and education qualification required to be an Agicultural Economist

I am aspiring to become an agricultural economist, what educational qualifications should I aim for? Also tell the eligibility criteria to take up this course.
The eligibity criterion for bachelors programme in agricultural economics is completion of 10+2 with physics, Chemistry, Maths and\or Biology as main subjects with minimum 50% marks.
The duration of course is for minimum 4 years (8 semesters).

Most universities and institutes offer agriculture economics as a subject or specialisation of B.Sc. agricultural course. You must have a Bachelor’s degree in agriculture in order to pursue masters in Agricultural Economics which is of 2 years duration. To be an agricultural economist a Master’s degree is a mandate. If you are planning to go for PhD then also you will need a Master’s Degree.

Is there any scope for Agricultural economist abroad?

There is a definite scope of agricultural economist in abroad but apart from getting well paid there are not many advantages in field in abroad. On the other hand, India being a developing country and rich in agricultural land has more opportunities for this industry. If you are aspiring to work abroad then you need not be disappointed because there are many universities that offer degree programme in this field. So you can take a degree programme abroad and work as a research scientist. However the requirement and scope of an agricultural economist is huge in India. We need professionals to manage the problems that the farmers face in day to day lives. They need to be educated in certain areas and hence they need managers and technichicians who can take care of this aspect of their business.
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