Eligibility criteria and personal qualities required for Oceanography

What is the eligibility criteria to pursue Oceanography?

• A basic requirement is a 10+ 2 pass certificate in science subjects.
• A graduation in pure science would help you to go for this course.
• Mathematics is a compulsory subject.
• A doctorate or a Master’s in any basic science subject can help you to pursue a marine research.
• Most of the courses are of 3 years duration.
• You need apt training for a good career in this field.

What are the personal attributes required to be successful in Oceanography?

• You should have a love for the oceans.
• You should not suffer from sea-sickness.
• You should be willing to take u challenges.
• You should be adventurous.
• Physical stamina is a must.
• Patience is a key skill.
• Must be able to withstand pressure and loneliness.
• Be analytical in nature.
• Ability to work in a team.
• You should have the knack of exploring new places.
• Swimming is a mandatory skill.
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