Eligibility criteria for an Optometrist

What is the eligibility criteria for an Optometrist?

-Students should have a 10+2 pass certificate.
-Minimum of 50% marks in Physics, chemistry and biology.
-You have to apply for a Bachelor’s degree first.
-The age limit for taking up the bachelor’s degree is 17.
-You have to appear for an EYECET examination.
-The examination is centralized, combined, entrance test for entry into optometry courses and is universally recognized all over the country.
-Duration of the course is 4 years.
-In the last year of course you have to go for an internship.
-Courses in pharmacology, optics, vision science, biochemistry, and systemic disease are included in the curriculum.
-You have to go for practical training.
-They must have the following skills:

* Patience
* Manual dexterity
* Confidence
* Mechanical ability
* Good vision
* Coordination
* Self-discipline
* Work ethics
* Dedication
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