Eligibility criteria to be a detective

I have completed my graduation and am really interested in becoming a detective. What is the eligibility criterion for it?

There are usually no such requirements in terms of education to be a private investigator or a detective. But there are different educational requirements if you want to enter either a corporate company or an IT company. If you want to become a detective in a corporate field then you are required to have atleast a bachelor’s degree in business related field. In an IT firm (computer forensics) a degree in computer science and or accounting would be useful. There are colleges that now offer certification in computer forensics if you want to become a private investigator in the computer field.
Within India, a detective does not require a license to practice or operate; this is because of the pending bill that was introduced in Rajya Sabha in 2007 which is awaiting approval from the government. Once it gets approved, professionals and agencies will be licensed in India. Till the time it is licensed in India, there is no particular educational qualification that is required to be a detective or private investigator. But still it is advisable to acquire a graduation degree in whichever specialisation one wishes to take up as a detective in an industry.
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