Eligibility criteria to get into Surveying

What is the eligibility criteria to get into Surveying?

• A bachelor's degree in surveying, civil engineering, forestry or a similar field is required to take up this field.

• You can pursue a B.E. / B.tech in civil and any other Branch of Engineering, the syllabus of which includes land surveying.

• M.Sc. with Mathematics or science, are eligible for the job of a surveyor.

• You can also pursue a diploma course in civil engineering to get an entry level job as a surveyor.

• You should have an educational background of physics, mathematics and statistical / analytical reasoning to pursue this field.

• One can be a Surveying engineer, supervisor and technician according to one's qualification.

• The eligibility for a Surveying Engineer course is Civil Engineering or M.Sc. Mathematics.

• For a supervisor it is B.Sc. with Mathematics and for a technician it is Intermediate (Plus Two) with Mathematics.

• A Surveying license is required for practice.
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