Eligibility criterion for pursuing a course in medical transcription

What is the eligibility criterion for pursuing a course in medical transcription?

There are few things that are to be kept in mind before pursuing a course in this particular field. Medical Transcription does not require specialized IT skills but it requires primary skills like good listening and language skills and knowledge of medical terms. Fluency in English, especially understanding of American way of speech and accent is a must to be in this field as there are all type of clients that are there in this field.

However, an ideal qualification for a medical transcriptionist is Graduation with English comprehension skill and undergoing a training course in Medical Transcription is an added advantage. Further, the candidate should be able to quickly develop new skills and adjust with the different accents and diction. Throughout the career as a medical transcriptionist one would need to keep up with changes in medical terminologies, medical procedures etc. and have the ability to detect medical inconsistencies in dictation and fix poor grammar and syntax. One must also have patience, as the work may get monotonous and repetitive. Regular comprehensive quality training is necessary to be successful in this field. One should have recent knowledge about various types of new technologies that are coming in the market.
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