Eligibility requirements to get into the field of Rehabilitation

What are the Eligibility requirements to get into the field of Rehabilitation?

-A 10+2 pass certificate is a basic requirement
-For more advanced positions a bachelor’s degree is a must.
-These are specialised degree programs for different disabilities.
-For a bachelor’s degree, 10+2 is sufficient.
-For Master’s and PG program, a bachelor’s degree is required.
-Bachelor’s degree is of 3-4 years and master’s is for 2 years.

What are my Job prospects for Rehabilitation Therapist?

-If you have interest in the healthcare sector and have interest in serving the society this is the right profession for you.
-Employment is expected to increase in this field as there is a growth in the number of disabled individuals who require professional advice.
-People can work in a wide variety of settings including hospitals and clinics, rehab centres, community service centres, public health departments
-State and central rehab departments.
-Schools and colleges which are equipped with the necessary tools to help patients.
-Some may also choose NGO work.
-You can also choose to open your rehabilitation clinics.
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