Eligibility to pursue Siddha Medicine and future scope

I am looking forward to pursue BSMS for Siddha Medicine and I would like to know the eligibility criteria?

B.S.M.S is an undergraduate course which you can opt for and it is of 4 and half years in duration. The subjects included in this are related to both Siddha and moder science like anatomy, physiology, microbiology, pathology, Pharmacology, Forensic medicine and toxicology etc.

If you are looking forward to pursue Siddha medicine then you need to pass higher secondary examination with distinction. In your higher secondary school you should have biology. You can also have bio and maths together to be eligible for the undergraduate course. Diploma in Biology or fields that are related to this will also work out.

After doing graduation in Siddha medicine what is the future scope?

Siddha medicine is one of the oldest practiced medicines in India and it is gaining popularity worldwide due to its medicinal values. It is usually compared with the modern medicine and it is accepted as an alternative system with fewer side effects. There is good scope of future once you are pursuing this subject and they are as follows:

1. Siddha medicine is a global recognized brand and it is getting attention from all over the world due to its advantages over the modern medicine values.

2. Siddha medicine is becoming a global product or practice that everyone is trying to use in day to day work.

3. More job opportunities and career prospects are getting opened in this field to bring more people.

4. Research and development is going on using the herbal products to increase the overall medicinal values.

5. Good salaries and pay packages due to increase in demand and opportunities to practice the same medicine abroad with private organizations.
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  • RE: Eligibility to pursue Siddha Medicine and future scope -Keerthika (06/14/18)
  • Plz tell me,my 12th marks bio 127,mat 158,che 137,phy 138.can I join the siddha medicine
  • RE: Eligibility to pursue Siddha Medicine and future scope -k.loheyshwaran (05/16/18)
  • pls inform me,iam scoring marks in +2 as subjectwise,mat-132,phy-134,che-120,bio-132 ,can i apply sidha medical course
  • RE: Eligibility to pursue Siddha Medicine and future scope -hemalatha (06/02/17)
  • can apply for this course by B.Sc Botany students?