Employment opportunities in Fashion Industry

What does career in fashion industry means?

Fashion is an art which is to work with clothes and lifestyle accessories within the cultural and social influences of a specific time. Fashion industry covers a wide range to choose a career from; some of the specialized fields of fashion industry are design, concept management, design production management, fabric design, fashion accessory design, textile science, and marketing etc. The fashion designing area of this industry involves creating original designs or to reinvent or remake the existing ones looking at the changing trends. Manufacturing area involves purchasing textiles and fabrics for designing and making the garments.

What is the scope of employment in fashion industry?

Fashion as beauty is, quite an extensive industry to work in. There are millions of people around the globe employed in this industry. Not only the aspirant can work on salary basis, but potential candidates can develop their profitable business in the fashion world as this sector continuously develops with constantly changing trends and emergence of new customer bases. Opportunities for graduates in this field ranges from working in the fashion houses, modeling, etc. or can set their own designer house or can sell the fashion products like clothes, bags, jwellery, shoes, cosmetics etc.
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