Enhancing bilateral links through an agreement with Forum of Federations - India's initiatives

Enhancing bilateral links through an agreement with Forum of Federations - India's initiatives

Question - Japan, South Korea and China have recently moved to discuss common interests and further bilateral relations. Discuss the initiative taken by India to enhance bilateral links through an agreement with Forum of Federations.

Inter-State Council Secretariat under the Ministry of Home Affairs has recently signed an agreement with Canada’s Forum of Federations in Ottawa.

• Agreement provides for mutually supportive bilateral global ties with India

• Aim is to improve governance and enhance democracy

• Focus is on dialogue in consonance with practices and principles of federalism

• Forum has worked in the past on important issues such as federal governance, public security, fiscal federalism, environmental governance and local governance in India

• India has been a forum partner since 2005

• It is represented on the Board of Directors by Secretary, Inter-State Council Secretariat, Ministry of Home Affairs

• Important steps which the forum has taken for India include capacity building as well as providing training and guidance on federal issues and topics

• India has also attended numerous international conferences and workshops on various aspects of federalism organised by the forum; this includes the Fourth International Conference on Federalism

• India will be assisted by the forum in capacity building in several developing nations including some in South Asia

Facts and Stats

About the Forum of Federations

• This is an international organisation of federal nations

• Based in Canada, it brings together academics as well as government practitioners to meet the challenges of multi-level governance

• It gives partner countries a chance to take part in an international network

• It provides insight for internal and external debates

• It addresses the needs of federal nations through serving as a clearing house for resources and information, offering plus implementing policy as well as partnership programmes with governments and encouraging practitioners to develop interest in federalism

• Forum also organises a Development Assistance Programme for developing nations with a federal set up

• The forum receives funding from 10 member nations namely Australia, Switzerland, Pakistan, Brazil, Canada, India, Germany, Ethiopia, Mexico and Nigeria

• Each forum has a strategic council which provides advice regarding a strategic plan/programme of the Forum work

• Partner countries find representation in the Strategic Council
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