Ericsson aptitude placement paper

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Some days back I was looking for Ericsson placement papers but could not find anything substantital. Finally, I appeared for the placement test myself. Here are some of the questions, I face in the aptitude test. Hope they help others.

In a certain language CONSTABLE is coded as 91, what will be the code for STABLE?
a.) 97 b.) 59 c.) 79 d.) 75 e.) 67

What annual installment will discharge a debt of Rs. 1100 due in 3 years at 15% simple interest ?
a) Rs.456 b) Rs. 489 c) Rs. 440 d) Rs. 476

The least number of 4 digits which is perfect square is:
a) 1100 b) 1200 c) 1024 d) None

A car is running at a speed of 110km/h. what is the distance covered in 10 second?
a) 31meters b) 30.5meters c) 30 meters d) 29.5meters

Two Toy Trains 100 meters and 200 meters in the length are running towards each other on parallel lines, one at rate of 40 kmph and another at the rate of 50 kmph. In what time will they be clear of each other from the moment they meet?
a) 14 sec b) 12 sec c) 13 sec d) 11 sec

The cost 1 plum is 1 cent, 2 apples is 1 cent, 3 cashew is 1 cent. If a father buys same amount of fruits for his 3 sons spending 7 cent then what amount of fruit each child will get?

Complete the following series.
1, 3, 7, 15, 31. __, __
a.) 62, 127 b.) 63, 126 c.) 63, 127 d.) 62, 126
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