Ericsson Placement Papers - Technical Questions

Ericsson Placement Papers - Technical Questions

Q. What do you understand by SQL?

Q. What is a TCPIP model?

Q. Explain with an example how the program variables are stored in a stack?

Q. Give an example of arrays and Linked List.

Q. What is an executable command?

Q. What is the need for modulation of signals?

Q. Define Pulse Code Modulation.

Q. What is a Multi vibrator?

Q. What are Half wave and Full wave Rectifiers? What are they used for? What are the other devices that work on the same principle?

Q. What is an Operational Amplifier? Explain its working with diagram.

Q. What is a Zener Diode? Mention its characteristics and applications.

Q. What are the different types of Access modifiers? Explain.

Q. Define strings?

Q. Are char a[] and char*ptr similar to each other?

Q. What is the output of printf(ā€œ%dā€,i++*++i);

Q. What is the output of the following program:


Q. Is it a correct command?

Q. Explain Object Oriented Programing Concept.

Q. What do you understand by Pass By Value and Pass By Reference?

Q. What is the use of Recursion Function?

Q. Differentiate between default and copy constructors

Q. What is an abstract Class?

Q. What is the purpose of serialization?

Q. What is Packet Switching and Circuit Switching?
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