ERICSSON verbal ability questions and answers

Some days back I attentded a placement interview at ERICSSON.
The first round was an elimination round through a test on quant and verbal ability.

The questions on verbal ability ranged from English Grammar to Comprehension. There were questions like:

Chose the synonym:
a.) ambition b.)home-sickness c.) cowardice d.) blind faith

The population of Tokyo is (greater than that of any other) town in the world.
a.) greatest among any other b.) greater than all other
c.) greater than those of any other d.) greater than any other e.) No correction required

Error spotting:
Our school is making (1)/ every possible effort (2)/ to provide best facilities (3)/and personal attention for each child (4)/ No Error (5)

The principal of equal justice (1)/for all is one of (2)/the cornerstones of our (3)/ democratic way of life. (4)/ No Error (5)
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