Essence and execution of food safety

Essence and execution of food safety

Food safety is a primary concern for the entire world, as many food borne diseases have been witnessed in the past few decades due to which millions of lives have been lost. Due to the lack of proper food safety people are falling ill all over the world and are becoming the victims of serious ‘food poisoning’ diseases. The outbreaks of these diseases caused by lack of food safety are increasing the number of health problems in all the continents and serious measures should be taken to take control of it.

Food is regarded ‘safe’ when it does not cause any harm to the person preparing it or eating it according to its intended use. Safe food ensures that it is free from constraints, adulterants and other all other toxins which can have a negative impact on human lives. Since centuries the problem of safety of food has been a critical concern. It has been proved that safe food is a pre requisite for human survival. Not just this but also that, safety of food is inter linked with economic, social and ethnic facets of life. Due to this fact, it is now considered that without safety of food it is an impossible task to bring prosperity in the world. Keeping this in mind, countries all over the world are striving hard to achieve food safety by re evaluating their approach and strategies to provide healthy and safe food to each and every human being.

Some basic precautions while preparing food which should be taken by every individual in each household are:


Washing hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds before and after eating or preparing food. Also maintain hygiene by washing hands after using the restroom, handling pets, changing diapers and other related activities.


Do not cross contaminate. Separate raw meat, poultry and all kinds of seafood from other food materials in the grocery cart, refrigerator, and freezer.


Always use a food thermometer to ensure that the food has reached the safe minimum internal temperature.

Over the past few decades the problem of food safety has become even more complex. On one hand with the advancement of technology, many new types of equipment have been introduced with which hazards can be minimized, while on the other hand these modern practices have increased the use of chemicals in the food crops leading to high detrimental changes in the food supply. Thus, seeing the recent consequences of lack of safety to food, the issue of food safety cannot be taken lightly. It should be an integral part of the national planning system to avoid catastrophe. The government should take strict steps in ensuring the safety of food which otherwise would lead to damage of the entire world population.
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