Etiquettes & tips for a personal interview at Bank

Etiquettes & tips for a personal interview at Bank

As you wait for your turn for the interview, a lot of thoughts will cross your mind. Here are some important things to practice from the time you enter into the interview chamber till the time you leave.

- Before entering in the room set your attire and be comfortable

- Ask for the permission before entering the room. The candidate should say “Please may I come in” in a audible and soft voice.

- If the door is closed, knock, enter and close the door softly.

- Enter with a gentle smile and confident steps.

- You do not need to wish each member individually. “Good morning/afternoon/evening sirs and madams” is sufficient.

- Take your seat only when the board members ask you to sit.

- Sit straight with your elbows on the handles of the chair and hands in your lap. Do not cross your legs.

- Never put you file or documents on the table without asking.

- Don’t be over confident.

- Always maintain your clam. The interviewer may try to anger you or embarrass you but that is a way of checking the patience so maintain your calm.

- The candidate must maintain the eye contact with the panel but don’t stare continuously. While the candidate is answering, if he/she tends to look away, this means that the candidate is nervous, fearful and lacks confidence.

- Don’t clear your throat again and again. Have few sips of water before entering the interview room. Clearing the throat again and again shows lack of confidence.

- When the interviewer says that the interview is over, get up, wish the board members and leave quietly.

- Shut the door softly after leaving the room.
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