Evolution of the Janata Parivar in Indian politics

Evolution of the Janata Parivar in Indian politics

Question - The era of coalition politics is far from over in India. Provide a timeline of the evolution of the Janata Parivar in Indian politics.

Janata Parivar: Historical Timeline

• The era of coalition politics in the last decade and the 1990s is far from finished in a country like india. The birth of the Janata Parivar and its metamorphosis to its current avatar is presented below:

• 1975-1977: During the Emergency years, Opposition leaders such as J.P and Morarji Desai were jailed. Opposition came together to follow the Janata Party

• 1977: Morarji Desai attained the status of PM; he led the Janata government which was India’s first coalition government with the Jan Sangh, Congress for Democracy, Bharatiya Kranti Dal and many more

• 1980s: Following the demise of Indira Gandhi, and voting out of the Rajiv Gandhi government, the National Front government was formed by V. P. Singh. Led by Janata Dal, other parties extended support to it

• 1990: Violent backlash followed implementation of Mandal Commission Report. Chandra Shekhar left the JD to become PM with the support of the Congress. The Samajwadi Janata Party was formed

• 1991: Congress withdrew support. Following assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, Congress government led by P.V. Narasimha Rao came into being
• 1992: Demolition of the Babri Masjid

• 1996: BJP emerges as single largest party but unable to prove majority. Its 13 day government falls as Congress supports H. D. Deve Gowda led United Front government

• 1997: Congress withdraws support: Rashtriya Janata Dal is born

• 1998: General Elections are held and Vajpayee government falls after AIADMK withdraws support

• 1999:NDA forms government

• 2003: Janata Dal United comes out of Samata Party created by Nitish Kumar and G. Fernandes

• 1998: General Elections are held and no party gains a strong majority. The government, led by A.B. Vajpayee falls after the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam withdraws support. Om Prakash Chautala forms the Indian National Lok Dal.

• 1999: The National Democratic Alliance coalition forms a government along with the Telugu Desam Party and lasts a full term of five years.

• 2003: The Janata Dal United (JD(U)) comes out of Samata Party created by George Fernandes and Nitish Kumar

• 2004: Congress comes to power.

• 2009-2014: Third Front is Launched

• April 15 2015: SP chief Mulayam Singh is leading the new party formed after the merger of the Janata Parivar comprising the

- SP,
- the Janata Dal (United),
- the Rashtriya Janata Dal,
- the Janata Dal (Secular),
- the Samajwadi Janata Party and the
- Indian National Lok Dal.

Facts and Stats

• The third party is the single largest bloc in the RS with a total of 30 MPs
• Samajwadi Janata Party was founded by Chandrashekhar on November 5th 1990
• Samajwadi Party was founded by Mulayam Singh in October 4 1992
• JD (Secular) was founded by H. D. Deve Gowda in July 1999
• RJD was formed by Lalu Prasad on July 5th 1997
• JDU was founded on October 30, 2003
• INLD was formed by Om Prakash Chauthala on April 29, 1998
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