Explain Capacitance, Inductance, Resistance. - Electronics

Explain the following terms-
a) Capacitance
b) Inductance
c) Resistance

a) Capacitance: The amount of charge that can be stored inside a capacitor at a given voltage is called Capacitance. It gets charged when charges are forced into the positive (or upper) plate of the capacitor due to emf. Similarly, it discharged when charges are forcefully pulled out of the capacitor. Capacitance is measured in Farad.

b) Inductance: It is the property of a coil to resist any change in electric current flowing through it. Self inductance is caused when a coil resists the current change through itself. Mutual inductance occurs when a secondary coil opposes current change in a primary coil. Inductance is measured in Henry.

c) Resistance: It is the property of a material which opposes the flow of electric current through it. Conductors have low resistance while insulators have very high resistance. It is measured in Ohms.
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