Explain Crisis and Crisis Management

Explain Crisis and Crisis Management

Question - What do you understand by the term “crisis” and "crisis management"?

Crisis is defined as a harmful event or calamity that requires immediate attention. It can lead to heavy losses of life and property on an individual or community level.

There are two types of crises:

Controversial disasters – Wars, scams, corporate warfare, etc.
Actual disasters– Famines, cyclones, earthquakes, etc.

Controversial disasters are also known as immediate crises, whereas actual disasters are known as exploding crises.

Crisis Management: It deals with the application of various strategies that are designed to manage incidents which may harm organizations, its stakeholders and the public.

Phases of Crisis Management :

Pre-crisis Phase– It includes the readiness, mitigation and prevention methods.

Crisis– It includes an immediate response and developments.

Post-crisis Phase– This phase includes relief and rehabilitation techniques.

Crisis Communication:

It is an initiative which aims at promoting the reputation of an organization and helps in maintaining the public image.

The main purpose of crisis communication is to protect the brand identity.
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