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Explain the internal working of CGI?

- CGI programs uses servers and their scripts that resides in a special directory named as cgi-bin.

- There are different configuration parameters that are associated with it that allows the configuration of the server to take place.

- The URL association is such that when the client sends the request the server search the file and respond to the request.

- If the server finds the request address using the CGI program then it doesn’t return the file contents but, executes the file on the server itself.

- The request of the client is shown as:

GET /cgi-bin/welcome.pl HTTP/1.0
Accept: www/source
Accept: text/html
Accept: image/gif
User-Agent: Lx/2w/2.14
From: hello@bu.com

The GET request is used to identify the file and retrieve the information from the server files that is configured to identify the files in inf format.
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