Farm manager CV sample - formats and templates

Farm manager CV sample - formats and templates

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Career Profile

-Highly talented and knowledgeable professional with extensive knowledge of various farm operations.
-Possess extensive experience of five years in the mentioned field.
-Experience of preparing and maintaining records.
-Expertise in occupational hazards and safety precautions of farming.
-Experience of providing training and supervising the farm professionals.
-Strong understanding of farming equipment and tools.
-Expertise in planning and direct farm operations.

Key Skills

-Expertise with farming equipment’s and tools.
-Possess excellent organizational and communication skills.
-Well verse with computer and other software application.
-Extensive knowledge of using various farming tools.
-Experience of preparing reports, documentation and managing records.

Personality Traits

-Goal oriented and self-motivated.
-Excellent analytical and communication skills.
-Efficiency of managing multiple tasks
-Hard working and self-motivated.

Professional Experience

Company Name- Place
Farm Manager
June 20**-Till Date

-Maintain the business capital and prepare strategic direction for the improvement of the business.
-Deal with financial aspects by controlling income and expenses.
-Take decision on the kind of crops to be grown.
-Choose the area for plantation and the livestock to be raised.
-Plan for the different farming activities.
-Estimate the cost of operating and order supplies.
-Recruit and conduct training for new joiners.
-Take fine steps to minimize environmental degradation.
-Analyse and evaluate environmental effects of farming activities and repair the damages.

Company Name- Place
Assistant Farming Manager
June 20**-Dec 20**

-Prepare and plan projects like greenhouse and improve the land for cultivation.
-Monitor ploughing, disking, cultivation & maintenance.
-Order and collect supplies from vendors.
-Responsible for maintaining hand tools and field equipment
-Evaluate and verify the performance of employees.
-Supervise and order tools and equipment.
-Assign task to the workers.
-Recognized for the increasing the cultivation by 40% in the year 20**.
-Achieved Best Farm Manager Award in 20** by “XYZ” Organization.


-M.Tech (Agriculture Engineering) from “XYZ” in 20**.
-B.Tech (Agriculture Engineering) from “XYZ” in 20**.
-HSC from “XYZ” in 20**.

Personal Details

Date of Birth: 15 September 19**.
Languages know: Hindi and English.
Address: XYZ.
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